About the authors

Housebrands Toolkits is a fully owned subsidiary of brand and communications agency, Housebrands. Whereas Housebrands delivers bespoke consultancy services, Housebrands Toolkits specialises in designing and supplying off-the-shelf programmes aimed at offering brand and communication expertise to organisations or individuals, who lack the necessary funds to employ external consultants.

Our latest online, brand programme is WhyMe?, a DIY toolkit for developing personal brands. Given the current recessionary climate, the issue of personal brand has come even more to the fore – we are frequently asked to give presentations and workshops on the subject as individuals struggle to compete and achieve their career ambitions in a highly competitive job market. Additionally, with the rise in importance of social media, it is important that anyone who wants to impress and succeed in their chosen field pays particular attention to their public persona or 'personal brand'. WhyMe? has been designed to help people take a strategic approach to their public face, thereby aiding and abetting their career development.

WhyMe? is written and produced by Housebrands Strategic and Insight Director, Fenella McCarthy and Creative Director, Chris Bennett.

It’s tough out there… you need to stand out.