What next?

Help the young adult in your life take their next step

Is the young adult in your life about to make that leap from education to the professional world of work?

WhyMe? is a ground-breaking toolkit enabling 18-26 year olds to identify and promote their talents. Support a young adult as they make their next professional move, with a 4-step, interactive process designed to develop confidence and clarity.

At the end of the programme they will have:

  • clarity about what makes them special
  • certainty about all their skills and achievements – not just their formal academic ones
  • more confidence in speaking about themselves and their strengths
  • the right tools for successfully applying for jobs – CV, covering letters / application forms, interviews…
  • a compelling public image

In short, they will be fully equipped to answer the question ‘why you?

WhyMe? helps guide participants to think outside the box and look at their real potential. The beauty is that it is simple, user-friendly, and person-focused! I would recommend anyone to give it a try!

Becky Harding, Personal Development Coach

WhyMe? is great! It’s easy to use and really helped me focus on the right things to say and the best language to use. If you want to improve your job applications I really think you should use it.

Florence Rowson-Stevens, new Graduate job searcher

A great tool for anyone to use to evaluate their personal brand and what they stand for. The toolkit takes you through a process one step at a time that you can complete at your own pace. Highly recommended!

Alex Robinson, Account Director ANTZ


  • only four simple steps
  • packed with guidance, examples and tips
  • no need for time-consuming training programmes, books or internet searchers
  • easily completed in one weekend
  • written by experts in plain English

And all for only £37.50

Purchasing WhyMe? will also automatically invite you to join our exclusive WhyMe? Facebook Group where you will find plenty of helpful advice from us and other parents.

How the programme works:

The WhyMe? programme is sold via a licence fee.

The licence lasts for a year, although you won't need all that time to complete it – in fact you can complete it in as little as a weekend.

The programme is divided into three key sections:

  1. About WhyMe? – an introduction to personal branding – what it is and how it will help / what is included in the programme and what it delivers.
  2. The programme itself – 'Four steps to success'. Each step is centred around a self-completion interactive worksheet, which comes complete with full instructions, tips and examples. All you have to do is follow the steps and fill in your unique information. No two people are the same so, no two personal brands will be the same.WhyMe? is the only personal brand programme available that ensures you create your own individual brand, one that is absolutely right for you.
  3. Getting Going – explains how to use your new personal brand definition, covering areas such as building a positive image, social media, writing a truly engaging covering letter, CVs, interviews etc.

The programme is easy to follow and does not require any previous knowledge as complete instruction are included. If by any chance you discover that you need more help or guidance you can simply get in touch.

Each licence is for the personal use of one individual. As it lasts for 12 months you can revisit your definition as often as you like and review and amend it.

Under the licence agreement you are prohibited from sharing the programme with other people – each person must purchase their own copy of the licence.