Supporting Factors

Why can you say this about yourself?

The final element is detailing the underlying truths that allow you to say this about yourself – the factors that makes your WhyMe? true.

Your definition must be based in truth otherwise it will not work – it should be a thoughtful expression of what makes you special.

Look back at the work you did in Worksheet 2 – your strengths / achievements / positive attributes. These should contain various talents, skills and achievements, which is the perfect starting place. Depending on how many you collated, they may all be relevant or you may need to cut the list down (or even add to it!).

You must ensure that you have a supporting example for each Value and Personality that you have selected, as your personal brand has to be rooted in reality. If you haven’t got something to support a particular Value or Personality characteristic, then you will need to develop something to underpin it. Developing something new is fine, as your personal brand should be partly aspirational, after all as humans we never stand still. Just make sure you identify any specific gaps and address them as soon as possible. If that particular Value or characteristic is important to you, you will find that relatively easy.

You may have several supporting factors for your individual Values and Personality characteristics – that is absolutely fine. However, it is worth selecting one factor as the main one – but don’t lose the others, just keep them as back up for when you need more examples.