Four steps to success

You are now ready to embark on developing your personal brand.

The programme is set out in a logical order and it’s best to tackle it in that order. You could do the whole thing in one day but if you are going to commit to doing it, do it well – after all, it is all about setting the strategic direction for your working life.

Take the programme one stage at a time – complete that stage, leave it alone for a day or so, before going back to review it, making sure you are happy with what you’ve written before moving on.

At least initially, it is best to treat this exercise as confidential – after all, you know yourself better than anyone else and you are simply likely to be side-tracked by other people’s perceptions if you involve them from the start. Find a quiet spot where you can work undisturbed for 2-3 hours at a time – mark them out in your diary and do your best to stick to them.

Each step is based around a worksheet, which will store your input ready for you to look at when you return to the programme. Full instructions and tips are provided with each step.

Once you have completed a first draft of WhyMe? you may find it helpful to share it and discuss it with a trusted other – friend, family, teacher / lecturer – but initially rely on yourself.


  1. Getting started
    Setting out your long-term goals and ambitions
  2. Building a positive image
    Identifying your assets
  3. Creating your draft WhyMe?
    Putting it all together to build your personal brand
  4. Finalising your WhyMe?
    Optimising your personal brand definition