4. Finalising your WhyMe?

Optimising your personal brand definition.

This is the final step before you are ready to get going on using WhyMe? to go out there and get noticed. You should now have a draft personal brand which you have ignored for a few days. This final step is where you make sure that that definition is as strong as possible. It is hard to get everything right first time so use this opportunity to refine and tweak your WhyMe? until you are satisfied.

Look at the draft you created in Step 3. View it with fresh eyes to see whether you are happy with it or if you can improve it in anyway.

Read it through carefully and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this accurately reflect who I am?
    • Is your summation likely to impress?
  • Overall, does it create a clear picture?
    • Nothing jarring, wrong or without proof?
  • Does it shed me in a good light?
    • Does it focus on my strengths?
    • Have I missed out any positive qualities (values / personality)?
    • Have I played down my weaknesses?
  • Will it impress my target audience / sector?
    • Does it focus on the things they are looking for?
  • Can you improve the way it is written?
    • Can you make it shorter or more focused?
  • Have you expanded each value to show what they mean for you?
  • Is your Personality setting the right tone?
    • Does it sound like you?
    • Will it help you create effective social media posts, articles, points-of-view etc?
  • Have you got a comprehensive list of supporting factors?
    • Is what you have said true – can you prove it?
    • Are there any more you can add?

Make any improvement to your draft Personal Brand Definition in Worksheet 4.