3. Creating your draft WhyMe?

Putting it all together to build your personal brand.

This is your strategic personal brand definition which, provided you follow it, will help you make sure that everything you do, say or post will be helping build the right impression in your desired target audience / sector.

In Step 2 you prepared the background, focusing on your strengths and who you need to impress. Have a look back over your completed Worksheet 2 to refresh your memory – this is the moment to make any changes to it if you want to.

Use the worksheet to remind yourself of your main achievements, your goals and who you are trying to impress. This will put you in the right frame of mind for creating your personal brand definition.

You are now ready to start filling in Worksheet 3 and create your own personal brand definition.
Alongside each section of the worksheet there are guidance notes to help you.

Once you have competed your WhyMe? model, you should then summarise it:

  • What does this say about you in short?
  • What are the key things that make you stand out?